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Plutus global Review – Bitcoin Trading

plutus Global homescreen

Plutus Global Review – Bitcoin Trading

Plutus Global is a fresh broker on the market, founded in 2019.

plutus global
plutus global

where you can immediately access most of the things you need. The trading platform button will take you straight to an overview of their custom application, and double as a demo account.

There’s also an education center and an account types tab that gives you all the trading info you will need. A support chat bubble hangs in the lower right corner, ensuring you have a quick way to answer any of your questions.

But most traders aren’t that curious about looks and accessibility. Even if a website is unappealing, you’ll find your way around eventually. What people actually care about are the benefits they get when using a broker.

There’s a wealth of things to be learned at Plutus Global, as their knowledge base acts as a miniature trading encyclopedia. There’s a glossary that allows you to learn all the necessary learning terminology and eBooks that help you build upon specific skills.

To add to that, there’s also an asset index, which makes it easier to wrap your head around the trading instruments. Lastly


The platform and website, in general, are pleasing to look at and easy to use and navigate. Actually someone with no prior knowledge of trading would get a good idea of what’s going on, even at just a glance. It’s much less frustrating to use a well-designed platform, than a poorly designed one, even if they provide the same functionality.

The firm struck a good level of leverage, that ensures that investors can get an edge when buying or selling.

Trading Platform Plutus Global

Funds Trading and Security

Plutus Global Review, Plutus Global Review

Plutus Global provides adequate funds security, so you don’t need to be worried about your money getting lost.

And although that may leave some people slightly cautious, we don’t think there’s any need for that. We scoured the web for any traces of unsatisfied users to check whether Plutus Global is malicious, and we found nothing. It’s not a common occurrence for a website to go without any complaints about that long of a time period, and we feel like that overturns the lack of a license.

Naturally, even established companies with decades of experience have their slip-up now and then. Although Plutus Global is young, it seems to be one of the more honest brokers, and are nearly certain to treat you fairly if you follow the website rules.

Trading Accounts at Plutus Global

While there’s no demo accounts in the opening of an account with Plutus Global you get after you go though the KYC process also a demo account , you are able to skip between the live account and the demo account just by clicking one button . this is very convenient if you look to test something before going life with a trade.

As far as their live accounts go, there’s a few regular options and an invite-only VIP account. You’ll notice that there’s quite a large gap of funds required between them, and that might look scary to some new users. You don’t have to be afraid, though, as actually the cheapest account provides an excellent trading experience. As for the others, feel free to wait until you’re comfortable (both in finances and skill level) and go for them as a luxury.

Here’s a rundown of what each of the different account types gets you:

At Plutus.Global ,

You can choose from our 4 account types: Mini, Standard, Gold, VIP and Islamic. Whatever your account type, at Plutus.Global you get a personal and professional service, access to our 24/7 online support and educational services, Desktop Platform trading platform, with unlimited charts and technical indicators, automated trading and mobile trading software.

As you increase your deposit, you receive more services.

  1. Mini forex trading accounts are for new traders who want less risk.
  2. Standard accounts are for experienced traders
  3. Gold accounts are for those who can trade large volumes.
  4. VIP account holders get more analysis and proactive trading guidance from our experts.

Although the Standard  account has no personalized analysis tools like Gold or VIP, for self-sufficient traders, that doesn’t make a big difference. As such, the account is entirely fine to trade with. Gold and VIP accounts have a good advantage when it comes to analytics, and ofcourse the VIP, understandably, comes with a ton of exclusive features. If you’re a huge spender, Plutus Global is sure to treat you like a king.

Trading Conditions

The trading conditions, as we already mentioned, are excellent. Also the least expensive account type gives you enough benefits to match competitors, it blows most rival firms out of the water.

as well as the spreads. You get a few analytical tools as you advance, which is a nice incentive to upgrade your account but is not a necessity. At VIP, you obtain full access to webinars, trade room analysis, and usage of VIP-only events that can be quite beneficial financially.

The security seems safe, so your money isn’t at risk, and there’s a ton of variety with regards to assets. Namely, there’s over 200 to pick from, ensuring there’s enough variety for everyone. Their custom platform makes trading easy, as you can get all the information you need at a glance.

Even as a brand new trader, Plutus Global provides an experience rivaled by few. We can only expect and look forward to them growing further in the future.


Trading Platform

Plutus Global Review, Plutus Global Review

Trading Platform Plutus Global

In our Plutus Global review, we’ve mentioned their custom platform quite a couple of times. Now it’s time for you to get a slightly more detailed evaluation of it. as well as your history. There, you’ll be able to modify your settings, information, deposits, or withdrawals, as well as follow current positions.

Next to that is the actual asset list, with buy and sell options next to each product. It’s neatly split into categories, with forex, commodities, crypto, stocks, and indices being separated. There’s quite a sizable selection, especially in the stock and forex categories, so take your time to look through it all.

Trading Platform crypto offers
Trading Platform crypto offers

In the middle of your screen, above that, you can see both the maintenance and initial margins, leverage,

While the explanation we gave might sound vague and complicated, the system does an astounding job of visually conveying what you need to do. Open it up and see for yourself!

there sis of course also a fully functional Mobile version of the platform

  • Free download
  • One-touch trading – instantly set limits, stops and conditional entry orders
  • View your account summary on multiple accounts
  • Easy to use interface – easily move from screen to screen
  • Customization interactive charts, with a wide variety technical tools and indicators, real time news and analysis
  • Trade 200+ Forex & CFD instruments on your mobile phone

Plutus Global’s Trading Products

The trading product variety at Plutus Global is incredible, you won’t regret trading with them. Their selection covers over 250 choices, which is way more than numerous service providers that possess been in the marketplace for a decade or more. Here’s a somewhat more detailed appear into what they offer.

Fifty currency pairs – CFD trading on currencies is one of the more popular ways to earn money via trading these days. You’ll be glad to hear that there are fifty pairs to choose from, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/AUD, and many others.

Commodities – The commodities on the website include some precious metals and energy assets.

You’ll see spot gold, platinum, crude oil, and brent, which is enough to satisfy most traders.
Which, while not as large as some crypto-specific brokers’, is still quite impressive. The list contains LTC/USD, xRP/USD, to name a few.

Stocks and indices – It’s clear that Plutus Global paid a lot of attention to their share and index selection, as they make a large part of the firm’s entire offer. You’ll have the ability to trade on some ever-popular instruments, such as Apple, Alibaba, and Netflix shares or UK 100, US 500,

Customer Service at Plutus Global

The customer service at Plutus Global has specific work hours, unlike most companies that are either 24/5 or 24/7. The hours are Monday to Friday from 07:00-14:00 GMT for the chat, and Monday to Fri from 09:00 – 13:00 GMT for the phone lines.

Although that might be inconvenient for some, In addition to their phone line and live chat, you can also send them an email.

Plutus Global Review Conclusion

Plutus Global is a broker that has accomplished more in the past year than many have in a decade. Although there are a few clear flaws in their game, their strengths do much to overpower that.

Their reputation is pristine, their accounts are fair, The client service team is quick to respond and are pleasant, and their trading platform is refreshingly innovative and functional.

All that culminates to a great experience while being a little rough about the edges. We’re certain the broker will waste no time and evolve to be a rival to also the most famous online agents out there. But even now, we’d recommend Plutus Pro as an excellent home for anyone into online trading.

But please make sure to read all of the broker reviews before picking one that fits you best!

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