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Latest version of Bitcoin Core released – Somag News

The new version of Bitcoin’s software was released last Saturday. The latest update has fewer changes than the big update in June.

The new version of the open source software Bitcoin Core, created by the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, was released on Saturday, with few changes and improvements.

Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 update is a much simpler development version than 0.20 in June. The biggest changes in the update are related to ‘users with bad behaviors’, that is, invalid block senders… With Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, such users are not blocked or banned, but are labeled as “discouraged nodes”. This means that the network will interact much less with them. Links from these nodes are also allowed in the new version, but are likely to be blocked after a while.

With this stigma, how much role ‘bored nodes’ can have in the network is directly proportional to how busy Bitcoin’s block chain is. On the other hand, when the node is restarted, this ‘boredom’ tag is not continued.

The version 0.20.1 also fixes a notification bug that has been in effect since the release of Bitcoin Core 0.19. A ‘wallet notification’ is now being sent for wallet transactions that have been removed from the memory pool because they conflict with a new block.

In the previous version of Bitcoin Core, 19 participants were listed, in this update only 13 direct participants are given credit. This is a proportional decrease compared to the large number of entries in the changing log.

June update was much bigger

The update was much larger in June, the most important of which was the removal of the Open SSL partition and the serious changes to the infrastructure of Bitcoin Core. According to BitMEX Research, Open SSL was originally installed by Nakamoto, but it has been a source of error for a long time and also caused serious problems in performance.

Great support for Bitcoin developers

Anyone can contribute to Bitcoin Core, but some of the participants who have spent a lot of time on this matter have already received substantial incentives to continue their work… In June, BitMEX received $ 100,000 for developer Gleb Naumenko; BitMEX and OKCoin paid a total of 150 thousand dollars from Xapo to Amiti Uttarwar.

This article was originally published on Somag News

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